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Small Group Training

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Small Group Training


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Meet Coach Jessica

Coach Jessica, a USSF C licensed soccer coach with 13 years of experience, is dedicated to developing young players through expert training. Her passion for the sport and commitment to individual growth make her an exceptional mentor for aspiring athletes.

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What They're Saying

During the three years of working with coach jessica, my daughter learned what it meant to be a team player. She learned what grit and determination were, and she learned about the game of soccer and how to be strategic on the field. Coach Jessica was always open and honest and maintained a high standard for not only her players but their families.

  • Christiana N.

coach Jess is my Palomar college coach. she is an amazing coach and always knows how to push her athletes to the next level, she has boosted my confidence and my abilities to levels i didn’t know i could reach. she’s awesome

  • Olivia J.

"Coach jessica was a great coach and mentor. She would lead by example on and off the field. She not only coached me to be a better more defined player but also motivated me to be a better student. She pushes you to be the best player you can be and always points out what you can improve on as an athlete/team player. She was a great coach that creates great athletes as well as great people on and off the field. As a little girl playing on her team, she was someone i always looked up too and will forever be grateful for all she taught me.

  • Alma H.

Coach Jessica is a motivational coach and strives to help each player become confident soccer player. She corrects the player and guides them with a showing them the proper techniques to use.

  • Gina A.



Small group training offers personalized attention, skill development, and game-like scenarios. Athletes benefit from tailored coaching, increased repetitions, and team cohesion. It's time-efficient, cost-effective, and fosters a supportive learning environment, enhancing player development and dedication.





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